Save Money by Shopping Early for Christmas!

Save money

I used to be so proud of the fact that I could get all of my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving but now, for most things, I’ll wait a little longer to shop.  Why?  Because I can get great deals on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and I can get free shipping on everything.  If a company doesn’t offer me free shipping then I will purchase the item somewhere that does.  It’s that simple.

I was probably paying out a lot of money by not waiting just a little longer.  But, by shopping throughout the year I was able to get some gifts while I was out browsing for other items.  This is particularly easy if you shop for children.

Another thing I do if I’m going to buy clothes for others (which I don’t do much) then I’ll buy for the following year when all the sweaters go on sale from this year.  Yeah, it’s kind of like cheating, but I do it anyway.  I mean, what better time to stock up on sweaters for next year than waiting for them to go on sale this year??  It’s a win-win for everyone!

Now, when I say “early” in the title of this article I mean it’s important to shop starting in November when the Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials come along.  You can save money and you’ll be finished shopping before you know it.  Have your list ready to go when you start and get everything you can to get the best deals.

One other word of advice I will offer is to go through Ebates to do all of your shopping.  Stores will offer cash back – and yes, that’s real dollar bills – for the money you spend through them.  Some do 2% but there are some who give back 6%.  I have never shopped during one holiday season since signing up with Ebates and I’ve gotten my “big fat check” from them each and every year.  Do it and if you are new you’ll get a bonus gift card just for signing up!!  Yeah, seriously!

There are several reasons you should start your shopping early and I’ve listed the 5 best below:

Availability – When the holiday rush starts, there will be a limited supply of a lot of the items you might be looking for. When you purchase at a time when there isn’t such a high demand, you ensure the product you were looking for is still available.

Most of the time when you wait until the last minute to buy a gift for someone you end up getting something that you didn’t really want to get them.  You end up disappointed and in most cases you’ll end up paying more for it.

Spread Out the Expense – If you wait until closer to Christmas to purchase gifts it can really set you back financially.  Instead, it works better to shop when you can on the biggest sale days when companies are offering great discounts and free shipping if you shop online.

In reality, if you wait until December you might have an expense that comes up you didn’t expect and then where will you be?  You won’t have money to cover the expense and you’ll end up spending much less for Christmas than you originally planned.  Don’t end up unprepared for the unexpected.  It can happen to anyone!

Money Savings – Again, this is one of the biggest reasons to shop during those Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.  During the Christmas season after all of the good sales have gone away, companies often will run a before Christmas sale when it really isn’t a sale at all.

They jack up the prices a little before and then give you the appearance that the items are now “on sale” because they are cheaper than the jacked up prices you were seeing before.  I mean, why in the world would they put something on sale that is in such high demand?  They wouldn’t – so don’t be fooled by the retailer’s tricks.

Time Saver – There is so much going on during the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving that can lead you to be stressed out.  Don’t let gift buying be one of the things that contributes to your stress.  Buying early can save you time because you’ll have all of your shopping done before December even gets here if you take advantage of a lot of the early bird sales.

You won’t have to fight the crowds at the stores and you’ll be the one at home spending time with your family instead of entering into the rat race of finding that perfect gift.  Which one would you rather be doing?

Presents Arrive on Time – Did you ever wait until just the last minute to order something and they promised it would be on time?  But then it wasn’t.  UGH!  You’ve now got a 6 year old who really thought they were going to get exactly what they wanted for Christmas and they didn’t.

Nothing is worse than the heartbreak of a child on Christmas morning who didn’t get what they wanted.  Do you really want to be the cause of that just because you waited too late to shop for it?

These are just 5 very important reasons to shop early for Christmas, but I’ll bet you have more!  Leave a comment below and tell me why you think it’s important to shop early for your Christmas presents!

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