Buying Generic Can Save You Money!

I went grocery shopping today and when I was putting away my groceries, I realized a lot of the products I bought weren’t any type of brand name at all.  They were generic products – you know, the store “brand”.  So I thought we could talk about that a little today.

It seems sometimes that when we grocery shop, it is very easy to become brand loyal for some of the products that we use.  It might be a product that your parents bought when you were a child and you’ve just always bought it because it is familiar to you, or it can just be something you tried once that you liked and have continued to buy it no matter what the price.

For instance, I was brought up on Kraft barbeque sauce so I’ve always bought it.  I never even considered the price of it or thought about buying any other brand of barbeque sauce, nevertheless the store brand of it.  I just got it because that’s what was always in our house when I was a child.

When I first began my mission of saving money because I had to, I tried the store brand because I was paying attention to prices.  Believe it or not, I could not tell a big enough difference in the Kraft sauce or the generic brand to warrant me spending $.75 extra every week.  They both tasted pretty much the same, and the good news is, I was able to save money on the generic brand.  So then I started doing this with a lot of the “brands” I was buying.


generic food products

Once I began buying the generic or store brands I also started reading the labels and I found out that when I these products, the store brand of an item, not only do they contain the exact same ingredients they also offered a money back guarantee.  Seriously!

A lot of the name brand products you purchase don’t offer that.  So, I started trying more and more of the store brand of items because now I knew if it didn’t stand up to the standards I expected out of my food then I could get my money back (there are guidelines to follow so make sure to read their return policies before you purchase the item).  I could try the product and not lose any money if I wasn’t happy.  What a deal!

If you currently don’t compare prices and even try some of the generic or store brands you should start to do it now.  Try an experiment and try to substitute some generic items for the brand you usually buy.  If you go and buy $50 worth of groceries and you can save $1 on 30 of those items by shopping the generic, you’ve just easily saved yourself $30.  That’s a great deal!

Give it a try and let me know how you fare on your next shopping trip.  I love to hear about people saving money!

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