4 Apps to Help You Save or Earn Money!

If you’re like me you will do almost anything to save a little money or even make a little money here and there.  Because of that, I’ve put together a list of some of the most popular apps below that I hope you’ll start to use – I mean, we all can use some extra money can’t we?

1. Ibotta – This app is available on iOS and Android phones and shows deals at retailers from grocery to drugstores to travel.  Using this app you just check off the offers you want to redeem and once you do the shopping you’ll earn cash back.

Whenever I go to the store, I’ll sit in the parking lot and go through all of the Ibotta offers and check whatever I know I’m going to buy.  Sometimes if I see something I like I’ll go ahead and check it just in case I do decide to buy it while I’m in there.

While it can be time consuming, it is easy to use and you really can make some money using it.  Sometimes they’ll offer something like $1 back on a gallon of milk (any brand), or ground beef (any brand).  And one of the best things is they offer some super bonus cash that you can collect over time.

2. SavingStar – This app is available on iOS and Android phones and allows you to pick out deals from their site.  For most stores you need to have your loyalty cards linked to SavingStar but you can also take a photo of your receipt and upload it.

You check the coupons you want to use that are attached to your cards and when you’ve saved $5 on your purchases you will earn some cash. They have also added a feature that allows you to get money toward your goal by watching a short video on the site.

Some of the offers they have are you get $3 back after you spend $12, but if you watch the video on the site, you can get an automatic $2 toward that offer.  So, you’ll only need to spend $10 on products you were going to get anyway – you’re actually only spending $7 when all is said and done including the $3 back.

3. Inbox Dollars – This app is available on iOS and Android phones and works in conjunction with your online account.  You’ll earn money to take surveys, watch videos and other activities.  Once you’ve reached the $30 mark in your account you can cash out and the money is all yours.  The money will accumulate quicker than you might think – especially since you get a $5 bonus just for signing up!

Not only does Inbox Dollars pay you money to do all of the things I mentioned above, they also have coupons you can get to help you save money.  And, if you use the coupons through Inbox Dollars you’ll get money back on the ones you use.  Now that’s a hell of a deal.

There is one thing to know about Inbox Dollars, they will absolutely wear you out with emails in your inbox, but some of them are extremely helpful and some of them will pay you for taking a survey.  Some of them I’ll open, but most I don’t – only because my method to get money from them is to use their coupons and when I have some free time, I’ll go in and take a survey or watch some videos.  I do it at my leisure not when they send me an email about stuff.

4. Ebates – I’m here to tell you that Ebates is one of the best ways to earn some money for doing nothing more than shopping for the things you would already buy anyway.  Every single time I shop online I check Ebates to see if there are offers or coupons and to see how much money I’ll get back on my purchase.

They now have a feature where if you go to a site on your computer and they also work through Ebates it will automatically pop up in the corner of your computer and tell you what percentage you’ll get back if you spend money on that site.  You don’t even have to keep checking over and over again if a site participates – it does it for you.

Even though they have this feature I still go on there just to check for coupons on items I might be considering purchasing.  Or to check the double cash back stores for that day.  During the holidays if you do the majority of your shopping online you NEED to have Ebates on your computer.

The next thing you know, you’ll get an email from them telling you that your Big Fat Check is in the mail or will be deposited in your PayPal account.  This one is a no-brainer because you only have to sign up once and the rest is done for you.  AND, if you are new to Ebates you get a free gift card for signing up.  AND, you get extra money in your account if you refer your friends to it!

These are just a few of the many apps you can get to help you save or earn money but they are 4 of my favorites and the ones I use the most.  Let me know below what apps you use and maybe all of us can learn another new way to save or earn some extra cash!

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