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  • 6 Money Saving Tips

    Posted on October 20th, 2017 Jan No comments

    Everyday I try to practice a lot of what’s on the list below to save my family and myself money and it isn’t always easy – particularly when it comes to eating out.  Some days I just want to swing through a drive-thru and pick something up because it’s quick, easy and I don’t have to do any clean up afterward.

    However, all of these tips will not work for every person so simply pick what applies to you and put it to work!

    • Make a list – Before you go grocery shopping or any type of shopping for that matter; make sure that you have a list.  Don’t just shop for the sake of shopping.  This increases your chances of making purchases that you normally wouldn’t even think about making.  If you make a list and stick to it, you not only save time by not wandering through the store, you will save money on unplanned purchases.  Also, if you make a list according to what is on sale at stores then you’ll know before you even go in what it is you need.  None of that stuff in the checkout lane will tempt you to buy!
    • Don’t Eat Out – We all know that eating out can really eat up your budget and it doesn’t have to be that way.  Even if you get together with friends on a regular basis to eat out, you can instead take turns going to each other’s house and either everyone bring something to contribute to a meal or the host for the evening can make dinner for everyone.  If you do that three times a week, you are saving money in the long run.  You don’t have to leave a tip for anyone and you can create whatever atmosphere that you want.  The food will be just as good and the company will be the same as it would be if you all went out.
    • Call Your Credit Card Companies – If you have credit card debt and you have been current in your payments with them, call and ask them to reduce the interest rate you are paying on your card.  Even if you only lower the rate 3% you will still be saving money on your balance (if you owe one – which I really, really hope you don’t).  Also look for cards that you can apply for with a 0% interest rate (even if it’s for a short time) and transfer all of your balances to that one card.  The interest alone can add years to how many payments you have to make.  Get rid of whatever amount of interest that you can if you have to carry a balance for right now.
    • Drink More Water – If you bypass the expensive bottled water and actually drink water out of your tap (invest one time in a water purifier for your faucet) and drink it rather than expensive bottled water or soft drinks.  If you do go out to eat (providing you have a coupon or friend to share the bill with) ordering water can save you about $2 on your bill.  And, of course, it is healthier for you overall which can save you money on medical bills later on down the road.
    • Shop At Thrift Stores – When you start to look for clothing (particularly kids who are still growing), toys or household items go to your local thrift store.  You can find great outfits at excellent prices that are only slightly used (and even some with tags still on them), good, slightly used toys and a lot of things for your home (pictures, frames, furniture).  I buy almost all of my clothes at the thrift store and I get compliments on most of the outfits I wear.  So, they can’t be all bad at all.  See a picture frame you want for your home but it’s that icky gold color?  Take it home and paint it rather than go out and buy a new one.  You’ll save a ton of money on new items.
    • Make Gifts Rather Than Buy Them – With the holiday season just around the corner, some of us begin to stress about money (or not having any) when it comes to gift giving.  Make things easier and make the gifts that you plan to give away.  Bake cookies, fudge, or any other type of treat for those you love.  Shop the thrift stores or dollar stores to get tins or baskets to put your goodies in.  People will appreciate the gift because it is a gift that comes from the heart.  You can also make gift baskets for people – especially kids.  You can put things they enjoy in them – cards, books, crayons, etc.  Anything that you think they would like.  It’s much cheaper to do it that way than try to buy gifts for every person on your list.

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