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  • Happy New Year

    Another new year is upon us and I hope you have planned for a fantastic financial 2018!  As for me, I’ve already set in motion some planning for 2018 and am hoping to see more success this year with my finances than I did last year.  I’ve learned some new ways to save money as well as some new ways to make additional money to supplement my income.  I’ll be sharing a lot of both with you this year as we move through the year together working toward financial success!

    Hopefully, you too have come up with some new money saving strategies that you can put to use to help you succeed in 2018.  If you are having a little trouble getting started then you should consider getting your copy of my book Creating a Savings Plan.

    Creating a Savings Plan

    This book puts a positive spin on helping you to save money each and every day.  It’s not the same old boring “set up your budget” book.  Instead it shows you the joy you can feel when you save money on everything in your financial life.  You will learn to set up your “fun budget” and learn ways to spend your money a little more wisely.

    I want to see every single one of you reach your financial goals in the year of 2018 and I’m here to help you with whatever questions you have.  If you email me, I will personally respond to your email and do everything I can to help you.

    Your financial success is VERY important to me and I want 2018 to be the best year you’ve ever had!  Respond below with all of your financial goals and plans for 2018 and find out where others are headed also!  You can give and get great ideas from others to help you through!

    Live Frugal and let me know how you are doing!