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Ebates Coupons and Cash Back
  • Save Money When Buying A Car!





    In some cases you just can’t avoid having to buy a new car.  However, when you do have to buy one there are several things you should think about.  One of the most important however, is buying a car that is reliable and is good on gas.

    Buying a car that is reliable will ensure that you don’t have a lot of break downs or problems with the car which will keep down repair costs.  Buying a fuel efficient vehicle will save you a ton of money over the years (particularly when gas skyrockets to almost $5 per gallon.  Do whatever research you need to when buying a car so that you can be an educated shopper.






  • Save Money By Carpooling!





    If you have to go to work each day, find out if there is anyone you work with who lives close to you.  If so, talk to them about possibly carpooling to work every day.  This will save you both gas money and will also keep down the wear and tear on your vehicle as well.

    There will always be days when one or the other might have to drive to work because of certain circumstances, but taking turns driving either every other day or one person drive one week and the other person drive the next week.

    No matter how you decide to split up the days each person will drive, the savings for both of you will be tremendous during a year’s time.

  • Save Money by Using Ebates to Shop Online!

    It’s time to start all of that shopping again for the holiday season!  And of course, if you can shop and get a “big fat check” because of all of the things you bought for others this year, that is nothing more than an added bonus!

    Nothing is more fun than shopping online when you can.  However, it can also get expensive for some of us.  However, Ebates has come along and when you shop through their vendors, not only will you get good quality merchandise; you will also receive money back.

    Yep, you heard me right!  YOU WILL GET MONEY BACK! They are set up with all kinds of vendors who want to save you money and give you money for shopping with them.  You can shop at stores like JCPenney, Land’s End, Victoria’s Secrets and even Amazon.  The list is endless and all you have to do to get money back is shop!

    It doesn’t get any easier than that!  If you don’t have a membership (which is FREE) to Ebates, you can click on the Ebates link and get started shopping and earning right away.  You’ll even get a free gift card just for signing up!

  • Save Money Using a Crock Pot!





    A crock pot is one of the best friends you will ever have when it comes to saving money.  You can make a variety of meals in a crock pot like soups, pot roast, chicken and the list goes on.  You can throw all of your ingredients into the pot before you leave in the morning, turn it on low and by the time you are home from work you have a wonderful, mouthwatering meal for your family.

    Owning a crock pot will also save money on your electric bill.  You don’t have to preheat the oven or use the eyes on your stove to cook your soup all day long.  Crock pots are simple to use, the recipes are endless and you save not only time on meal preparation but you will save money too!