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  • Save Money by Getting Organized





    If you are like me you have at some time or another ended up paying a late charge on a bill that simply got lost under a stack of junk mail.  I hate when that happens because that’s money going out that I could have used for something much more useful.

    Start by going through your mail right next to the trash can.  If it’s junk, throw it away immediately.  If it’s a bill, set it to the side until you finish going through the mail.  As soon as you finish sorting, sit down at the table with the bill and write the check or pay it online (however you pay your bills).  Do it right then instead of waiting for it to get lost someplace else in the house.

    If you do get a late charge on one of your bills, call and see if they will waive the late charge if you’ve never been late on a payment before.  Some creditors will waive the fee, some will not.  But it doesn’t hurt to ask!

  • Save Money On Your Checking Account

    I am finding that it is easier and easier to get a checking account that will cost you nothing, so why in the world would you pay a bank to keep your money?  That’s why they are there isn’t it?  However, if you aren’t paying attention, sometimes they’ll throw some fees in there that you had no idea they put on there until you really looked at your statement.

    When was the last time you really looked at yours?  I have to admit that since I do most of my banking online, I tend to not pay attention to what is going on on my statement.  But, I did look one day last week, and you know what?  They were charging me a $17 fee because my husbands company stopped direct deposit.

    Well, I’m not all about paying fees to the bank so I had to go in and talk with a representative in my main branch.  I explained to her that we no longer had direct deposit and that I wanted to change the type of account we had.  It was as simple as that.  She changed our account type and now we won’t be charged the fee anymore.

    Sometimes just taking a few minutes of your day can help save you some money in the long run.  We will now be saving $17 per month on something that we never should have been paying anyway.

    Take a look at your statment and see if you are being charged any fees that you shouldn’t be.  If you are, take care of it today before they charge you again next month.  Even ask for the money back; they may or may not do it, but it’s always worth asking!

  • 5 Ways To Save Money At The Pumps!





    With the price of gasoline continuing to go up and down everywhere, I thought I would share a few tips with you on ways to save money at the gas pumps.

    Plan your errands for one day each week.  Take an extra five minutes to make a list and map out where you need to go so you aren’t driving in circles or backtracking.

    With every other fill up, check the air pressure in your tires.  Your owner’s manual will tell you how many psi your tires require.  You can experience loss of up to 1 mpg with tires that are underinflated.

    Don’t use the high octane gas unless the manufacturer says you should.  You really won’t see a difference in the performance of your car; the difference will be in your wallet.  Personally, I buy my gas at Wal-Mart because not only are they normally the cheaper in price, they also offer an additional $.03 discount if you use a Wal-Mart gift card.  That’s not a bad deal.

    Use your cruise control for highway driving.  Try to avoid quick acceleration or hard braking.  Stay at least one car length behind the car in front of you not only for safety, but to keep from slamming on the brakes in case the person in front suddenly has to stop.

    Slow down.  If you drive 55 mph rather than 65 mph you can increase your fuel economy by two miles per gallon.

  • Fun and Inexpensive Gift Baskets!





    Do you have family or friends that have everything and you never know what to get them for birthdays, Christmas, etc?  Well, make them a gift basket!  They are fun and inexpensive and you can tailor a gift basket to what any person likes.

    All of the items listed below for your basket can be purchased for next to nothing at the dollar store, garage sales, or thrift stores.  They are items you can stock up on and have on hand when you need them. Here are some ideas:

    Coffee Lover’s Basket – Put a couple of samples packs of coffee, sample packs of flavored creamer, a mug, some little chocolate mints, and a small candle in a basket, wrap in cellophane (you can get this at the dollar store usually two rolls for a $1), and add some ribbon around the top.  This works great with hot chocolate too!

    Golf Lover’s Basket – Put in a sleeve of golf balls, a pack of golf tees, some ball markers, a couple of packs of crackers or peanuts and a golf towel.  Again, just add the cellophane and some ribbon around the top and you’re set.  This will work great with any sport.  Just use your imagination and you’ll come up with some great stuff to include.

    Soup Lover’s Basket – Put together in a mason jar, some dried beans for a soup mix and add whatever seasonings you can that won’t go bad.  Get a couple of soup crocks, spoons, crackers and you have a nice gift.  Make sure to include any instructions for making the soup, especially if you need to add meat or other seasonings.

    Kid’s Basket – Put in a coloring book, a picture book, some crayons, a decorated pencil and eraser, a bag of gummi bears or other candy and you are set.  If you know a child who likes to read, include a library card (those are free).

    Wedding Shower Basket – Include a nice picture frame, massage oils (there are all kinds of recipes online to make this yourself), a scented candle and anything else you think the couple might like.  Personalize to fit their personality.

    Baby Shower Basket – Include bottles, pacifiers, bibs, any type of baby item will go into the basket.  Always use your imagination and you can throw together so many baskets that any new mother will love.

    There are so many things you can do and you can do it without spending a lot of money.  Be creative and make them personal for whomever you are giving them to and I guarantee the recipient of the basket will be grateful.  It is the thought that counts after all.