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  • Saving Money by Getting Organized!

    If you are like me you have, at some time or another ended up paying a late charge on a bill that simply got lost under a stack of junk mail.  I hate when that happens because that’s money going out that I could have used for something much more useful.


    Put an end to this by standing next to the trash can or shredder as you go through your mail.  If it’s junk, throw it away immediately.  If it’s a bill, set it to the side until you finish going through the mail.  As soon as you finish sorting, sit down at the table with the bill and write the check or pay it online (however you pay your bills).  Do it right then instead of waiting for it to get lost someplace else in the house.

    If you do get a late charge on one of your bills, call and see if they will waive the late charge if you’ve never been late on a payment before.  Some creditors will waive the fee, some will not.  But it doesn’t hurt to ask!