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  • Save Money by Maintaining Your Vehicles!

    Keeping your vehicles maintained is extremely helpful when you are trying to save money. You will pay some money out of pocket while keeping the vehicles maintained, however, every penny that you put into maintaining it, will pay off later.

    You won’t have to worry about surprise break downs because your car will always be in good running order.  Normally when you take your car to have just a regular service done on it, the mechanic will tell you of any problem areas that you need to keep an eye on.  Start saving money to pay for the maintenance that the mechanic suggests so that you won’t be hit with a large bill down the road.

    Just remember next time that you want to put off that oil change that it takes oil to run a car and if you don’t have it, the car will not run.  You won’t be able to get to work or any place else that you need to go.

    Fork over the dough for maintenance; keep your car running the way it should be.

  • Save Money by Shoping Out of Season!


    No matter what you are buying, whether it is Christmas decorations, clothes for the kids for school or anything else, shop out of season.  If you are buying for Christmas, shop the excellent after Christmas sales.  You can get some great deals and if you wait even longer, you can get even better deals.  You don’t have to shop for wrapping paper as soon as it goes on sale.  If you wait, you can save almost 75% off of most of it.

    If you are buying school clothes for the kids, buy them at the end of the each season.  Don’t wait for those back to school sales.  You’ll be able to get a whole lot more stuff if you do it before the season starts.

    This works also for trips you plan to take.  Plan to go out of season if you can to get the best deals at the best prices!

  • Save Money by Simplifying Your Wardrobe!

    If you are like me, you have clothes hanging in your closet that you bought either at a steal or just because you thought you needed it at the time.  Well, it’s time to simplify your wardrobe.  Believe it or not, this can save you money in the long run.

    Of course you’ll want to get rid of those unnecessary items and give them to Goodwill or sell them in a garage sale (netting you more money).  Then see what items you need to keep and figure out what you can match up that you might not have thought about before.


    Go through and see how many black skirts you have.  Well, black is a great color because you can wear any type or color of a blouse, sweater or whatever with it.  Get your skirts, slacks, and pants in neutral colors (black, tan, white, gray) so that you can mix and match the tops to go with them.

    If you stick with neutral colors you can match anything with them.  The same goes for shoes.  Keep neutral colored shoes to go with your outfits.  You will save a lot of time and money when shopping if you keep it to the bare minimum.


  • Save Money by Planing a Family Night (with other families)!


    Rather than get a group of friends or neighbors to head out to a restaurant for a monthly dining experience, get the group together at someone’s house.  Every month one family can host a “family night.”

    The host family will prepare a meal for everyone and the fun can begin.  You won’t be spending money on fancy dining and you still get to spend quality time with your friends.

    Get Together


    One family can do a pizza night; another can do a taco night.  It can be simple, easy and affordable meals and each month only one family will have to foot the bill.  However, with good menu planning, it can be extremely affordable.

    Another family can bring wine or a drink of choice if they’d like, but the object is to enjoy the company of friends as well as giving someone else the night off from cooking!  It saves money and is an enjoyable way to spend an evening.

  • Stop Buying Bottled Water and Save Money!

    Hello all my frugal friends!  More and more of us buy bottled water these days but I wanted to tell you about some of the alternatives to buying all of that bottled water.  These ideas will save you money on buying all of that water week after week.  And did I mention it is also better for the environment?

    I know it’s just me, but I really feel like there is someone out there on some mountain top somewhere who is buying bottles and simply filling them up from the tap and sending them down to be purchased by those of us who want good, clean water.  Sounds crazy, but sometimes I really believe that.

    bottled water

    In order to stop purchasing all of that water that does nothing but send plastic bottles to our landfills, start doing the work at home.

    Buy a Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System and install it on your faucet at home.  It doesn’t take long and you can get it for as little $25.00.

    Buy a Brita Water Filter Pitcher and keep it in your refrigerator.  You can fill it with plain tap water and the pitcher will filter the water when you pour it into a glass or bottle.  These are approximately $23.00 and are easy to take care of.

    You can also get Brita Soft Squeeze Water Filter Bottle that have a filter already in them.  Fill them up with tap water and the water will be filtered as you drink it.  You can get a twin pack of these for about $16.00.

    All of these will pay you back two-fold in less than a month.  Give it a try and see how well it can work for you!